Thursday, January 9, 2020

Case Study An Accountant Or Business Manager - 1495 Words

1- An Attorney: Although you may not necessarily need one to start a business, rest assured that somewhere along the way, you will need the services of an attorney. Helping business owners set up their structure, is a plus, but not mandatory. However, if thinking in terms of a partnership, it becomes imperative to have an attorney draw up a formal agreement.(1) 2- A CPA or Business-Savvy Bookkeeper: Working with you to help you understand your growth strategy, an account also may help you keep you out of troubled waters tax-wise. Having Quickens software just won t do in this case. Helping you organize a structure that fits your overall tax picture, an accountant is crucially important in determining the details of federal, state and†¦show more content†¦5- Have A Basic Knowledge Of The Internet: Whether it s knowing something so basic as how to send an email or having an associated business blog, being Internet savvy is a must today for any business person. There are many excellent easy-to-do web design platforms, including Wordpress and Shopify that facilitate creating one s own web site and e-commerce site if you are so inclined. 6- A Web Site Developer: Having a web developer with search engine optimizer (SEO) expertise is different than having a web site designer. Any business person wants their business posted as high up on a search engine page as possible--where the business is more likely to be seen first by web surfers. If the developer is familiar with cutting-edge mobile platforms, all the better. 7- Access To Funds: Whether it s securing funds through a credit card line-of-credit or through angel investors, you cannot grow a business without capital funding for the first five years of a business.(2) 8- Outsourced Staff or Virtual Assistants: Today, some businesses have managed to cut corners by hiring an outsourced staff from other countries such as India or other Asian nations. If not, another recourse is to hire virtual assistants who are generally self-employed, work from a home office and offer professional administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients.(3) 9- A Business Plan:

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