Friday, May 8, 2020

Essay Writing Tips - Writing a Thesis Statement

Essay Writing Tips - Writing a Thesis StatementBefore starting your own essay, always write a thesis statement. Thesis statements are necessary for beginners in completing academic essays. It is very important to write a thesis statement, as it sets your thesis for success. You cannot fail in completing your thesis if you don't write one.Thesis Statement: On your first draft of the thesis statement, you should write something about your main idea in a few sentences. This will allow you to write the most accurate statement of your thesis in the shortest time possible. You also need to give a few examples in the shortest possible time.Examples: Remember to include the examples of some topics. You should include examples in a few sentences. The examples must not only illustrate your thesis but must also match the topic. Don't forget to add information about your personal experience in the examples and thesis statement.Thesis Statement: Now that you have your examples, you need to find t he places where you can introduce a concept. This is where you begin your sentence. Start by describing the phrase in a few sentences that goes along with the example.Word Count: If your sentences are longer than a paragraph, then add a word count to it. The rule of thumb for word count is to use two to three words per line. Your thesis statement should not be over eight to ten words per line.Things You Shouldn't Say: Never forget to leave a space to write the sentence. Also, never make it appear that you know everything because you do not.Writing your thesis statement is essential for your academic career. Remember that it's just the beginning of the real writing process.

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