Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Reading Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Reading Response - Essay Example The observations by the explorers when reaching the island were a unique presence of the locals. They worked around naked and where friendly and generous. Columbus directed the other contingent to head north-northwest to explore and find more about the people living there. It is clear on what guided the explorers. Columbus focused less on the gifts they received from the locals but was aiming at the gold ornaments owned by the locals. This is an indication of what drove the explorers towards the island. The factors that led to the exploration were the search for treasure and raw materials. Columbus observes and finds out the origin of the ornaments. His intention was to identify whether it was obtained through trade or it was acquired locally. He was designing a positive feedback to send to the palace on their way home. The first explorers were tasked in observing and identifying opportunities on the land. The positive result prompted many settlers to contemplate living their home country and settling in the east. The other positive about the island was the richness in agricultural products, evident on the tools traded by the indigenous people. Factors that facility the successful operation was the friendly nature by the locals. The reason behind the collaborative nature of the indigenous people was there view of the foreigners. They perceived them to be from the heavens and treated them like demigods. This gave the explorer a chance to study the landscape and explore opportunities that the land would offer in return. The result was the positive feedback to the queen who encouraged more settlers to head to the island. The arrival of the first voyage could lead to more visitors to the land, this was a fact ignored by the locals. They provided information that led to the successful conquest of the land. The freedom of the locals was to be denied once the settlers

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