Saturday, November 16, 2019

Space and TIme Essay Example for Free

Space and TIme Essay Many people wish that they could go back in time and change something that they have done; even if it was a small mistake, or a large one that changed their life forever. Science is trying to prove that time travel does exist using the Space-time continuum. With controversy on both sides, scientists have proven that the space-time continuum does exist; however time travel is still up for debate. How Space-time was created For a long time we saw space and time as two separate entities. Many very sound theories existed before the space time theory came about. Some of those theories were Isaac Newton’s theories of mechanics and James Clerk Maxwell’s theories on electromagnetism. Though these theories never quite agreed with each other. For some time before this light was known to be an electromagnetic phenomenon, but never followed the laws of mechanics as matter does. This prompted Albert A. Michelson and many others to study light itself. Their studies showed that â€Å"light always traveled with the same velocity, regardless of the speed of its source† (Overduin, 2007 para 1) It was latter discove red that the speed of light was an unsrupassable speed limit on the universe; meaning nothing can travel faster than the speed of light which is 299,792,458 meters per second. Though none of these phycistest were able to put the whole story together. At the young age of 16, Albert Einstein often wondered what it would be like to travel along a ray of light. By 1905 Einstein proved that light must move at a constant speed no matter the speed of the source transmiting it. For this to be correct space and time can no longer be independent. Although Einstein did all this ground work on proving space-time he did not put them together.

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